Contractor Drug & Alcohol Auditing

TPS Alert conducts the following comprehensive contractor audits including verification of D&A-related documents based on DOT regulations and/or Operator-specific requirements:

  1. Initial Enrollment Audits
  2. Random Compliance Audits
  3. Employee Roster Audits
  4. Statistical Data Audits
  5. Internal Quality Assurance Audits
  6. Onsite Audits

TPS Alert provides each Operator with a dedicated auditor who has a broad depth of knowledge of the specific Operator requirements and will work directly with each contractor to maintain compliance. Any insufficient audit findings are documented in an easy-to-follow format allowing the contractor to clearly identify their deficiencies and work towards program improvement. Operators receive reports to track the effectiveness and progress of contractors’ D&A programs. The contractor’s drug and alcohol compliance status is available for integration with ISN and PEC.