Contractor Drug & Alcohol Auditing

TPS Alert conducts the following comprehensive contractor audits including verification of D&A-related documents based on DOT regulations and/or Operator-specific requirements:

  1. Initial Enrollment Audits
  2. Random Compliance Audits
  3. Employee Roster Audits
  4. Statistical Data Audits
  5. Internal Quality Assurance Audits
  6. Onsite Audits

TPS Alert provides each Operator with a dedicated auditor who has a broad depth of knowledge of the specific Operator requirements and will work directly with each contractor to maintain compliance. Any insufficient audit findings are documented in an easy-to-follow format allowing the contractor to clearly identify their deficiencies and work towards program improvement. Operators receive reports to track the effectiveness and progress of contractors’ D&A programs. The contractor’s drug and alcohol compliance status is available for integration with ISN and PEC.

Contractor Background Screening Auditing 

TPS Alert has the ability to perform detailed background screening monitoring using Operator decision criteria on various levels of criminal and/or other screening result requirements.  The TPS Alert system allows integration with our background screening system to automatically update the status of an employee based on compliance with the Operator’s background policy.  The contractor’s background screening status is available for integration with ISN and PEC.

DOT Compliance / DAMIS Reporting

TPS Alert will report DOT (PHMSA) contractor statistical testing data to Drug and Alcohol Monitoring and Information System (DAMIS) as required by federal regulations.

D&A Consulting

Regulatory attorneys with more than 40 years of experience are available to assist in providing your company with a policy or assessing your current policy and consulting on any changes necessary to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements (i.e. 49 CFR 40 and 199).

Reasonable Suspicion Training

TPS Alert offers an eLearning platform designed to educate your workforce about substance abuse in the workplace and to empower managers and supervisors to effectively use substance abuse testing to protect their employees and workplace.

With this system, you have the ability to quickly access web-based learning modules and even to easily customize these modules to meet your company-specific needs. The modules include, but are not limited to:

  • Reasonable suspicion training for supervisors
  • Drug Free Workplace education programs for employees
  • Drug program management training for HR, Safety, and Risk Management professionals

Onsite Auditing

TPS Alert auditors are available to perform onsite audits at an Operator’s jobsite to ensure the contractors’ employees performing work are registered in TPS Alert and compliant with the Operator’s requirements.  This service is an additional safeguard that allows Operators to verify the accuracy of information entered in TPS Alert.