What We Do

At TPS Alert, we believe in safeguarding our Operators, their employees, contractors, and industries with a drug-free workplace. Getting our start as a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) of drug & alcohol testing founded by regulatory lawyers over 20 years ago, TPS Alert is a leader in the industry with valuable knowledge and expertise in drug & alcohol regulations. TPS Alert provides a series of comprehensive compliance audits and continual drug & alcohol monitoring with a complete panel review to ensure that contractors are actually testing in conformity with their Operator’s requirements. Reasonable suspicion training and background screening monitoring is also available. TPS Alert will review and manage Non-DOT, PHMSA, and FMCSA programs for our Operators. We are not limited to managing oil and gas programs, as our expertise in drug and alcohol regulations extends to all industries where there is a need to mitigate contractor risk.

In order to provide the best service that meets the needs of our clients, contractors are able to use any TPA of their choice. We provide assurance for our Operators that the policies and procedures mandated are maintained by both contractor and employee, without limiting the provision of options and choice. TPS Alert has created our own proprietary software which allows for streamlined and efficient data collection through our simple, intuitive and secure web-based interface.

Our philosophy is to put our clients first. We strive to bring our Operators and contractors total program management with exemplary customer service, customized solutions and the support needed to have a successful drug-free workplace program. We are integrated with ISNetworld (ISN) and PEC Safety, reporting compliance through their systems on a daily basis and allowing our shared Operators to access their contractors’ status in multiple locations.