About Us

The concept of TPS Alert was conceived by management of TEAM Professional Services with the sole purpose of assisting our Operators in the contractor qualification process.  As a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) of drug & alcohol testing for both Operators and their contractors, we dealt on a daily basis with Operators needing to confirm their worksites were drug-free.  Having an effective testing policy and procedure in place profoundly reduces the likelihood that onsite personnel will be drug impaired. However, we found that the majority of workers onsite were contractor employees and the only way to guarantee a drug-free jobsite was to be sure that all on the site, including contractor employees, were covered by an effective D&A testing policy and procedure. 

Operators were tired of forcing their contractors to use one provider at a typically much higher cost. They needed a contractor management system that allowed contractors to use the TPA of their choice, but still meet the same D&A requirements that Operators require of their employees. Through TPS Alert’s contractor auditing service, Operators can ensure that their contractors are in compliance with their company-specific drug & alcohol and background screening policies.

Headquartered in Tulsa, OK, TEAM Professional Services was founded over 20 years ago by a regulatory attorney specializing in the oil & gas and transportation industries. This proven expertise in drug & alcohol regulations provides any industry with the security of a drug-free jobsite.  TEAM Professional Services provides Third-Party Administrator (TPA) services including drug & alcohol testing, compliance monitoring, training and background screening.